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This town situated on the North East coast is world famous for its harbor which is the world third largest natural harbor. It is the center for commerce and strategically important for the Indian Ocean. The colonial powers used Trincomalee to protect and dominate the ocean sea routes and the trade in the East. It was the command center for the British during the WW11 and is the home of Sri Lankas naval fleet .It is also historical and culturally important with a mixed population. The whole region is full of Natural sanctuaries, ancient temples and Kovils, and colonial architecture .The Fort Frederick is well preserved and is an army headquarters with the famous Kovil at the tip being a site for daily visitors and worshipers .The views of the surrounding ocean and the lovers leap point are amazing sights to witness. Deer roam the area around the old fishing town. The miles of palm fringed beaches and blue ocean are dazzling and the sun is tremendous for the tourists to sunbathe .With several  resorts to cater to the tourist, Trincomalee is the most famous  and popular destination. The Pidgeon Island in Nilaveli is a beautiful experience, and the snorkeling and diving and watersports are  available from many sea side resorts. The visitor can also indulge in dolphin and whale watching and touring the country side for its many features!

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