Mihin Leisure also known as Mihin Holidays & Tours (Pvt) Ltd is an inbound tour company with high ideals, based on honesty, integrity and achievement. We strive to provide our customers the highest quality the trade can offer. With our carefully priced formulas to satisfy the customers’ budgetary needs as well as provide the customer with professional and courteous services, we intend to bring Sri Lanka to the customer.

Being an inbound operator, we are extremely proud of our country and our culture, and wish to present to the world every facet of our nation in all, its splendor. Our packages are open to discussion with the customer as we are able
to fashion them according to the customer’s personal requirements.

Our vehicles are modern, air-conditioned and well maintained. Our Chauffer guides are highly professional and have full experience and familiarity with all the directions and conditions.

From pick-up to departure they are your constant companions advising you on our cultural taboos and explaining all other aspects of our nation’s history and civilization .They are carefully chosen for their sober temperament. All our locations and routes are chosen for their maximum scenic beauty, as well as taken in our ancient historical sites.

Accommodation is arranged, as to the customer’s every preference, and under regular inspection for quality and service. From budgeted hotels to eco-habitats, luxury & boutique hotels, we can offer it to all our customers with pride.

Our sole concern is satisfying our customers, while showcasing our Island Paradise and our people to the world.

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