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19°C, Wind NW


Central Province


1,868 m

Known as “little England”, this iconic town is situated in a beautiful valley in the central highlands. Surrounded by hillside tea estates it is at a high elevation of close to 2000 meters and is always cool and misty. This town was chosen by the British planters as their home away from home and the place for their relaxation and pleasure during the hot month of April. The colonial architecture is still evident to the visitor to this day. It is a world of waterfalls and streams and countryside dripping with vegetation and hillsides carpeted with tea plantations and forests of eucalyptus. It is famous for its market gardens as well as the well landscaped flower gardens. During the festive season there are flower shows ,horse racing and  and other cultural activities. It has several world class and famous hotels perched in the hills and valleys. It has beautiful and well laid out botanical gardens ,and one of Asias finest golf courses. The visitor will be transported to a world of colonial charm and mystic beauty.

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