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Highest point



Central Province


1900 m - 900 m

This iconic mountain range lies in the central highlands and due to the many folds, and peaks of the range, it looks like the Knuckles of a clenched fist when viewed from certain locations.. The traditional name used by the local residents is Dumbara Kandavetiya, or Misty Mountain range! Scientifically, this is one of the most important mountain ranges in Sri Lanka because of its amazing Bio-diversity. It is a microcosm of the climatic conditions of all regions of Sri Lanka. It hosts all the climatic conditions of the entire country within its area. The aesthetic views, and scenic countryside, is matched by its many endemic species of Fauna and flora. An ecologist’s paradise .The cloud covered peaks, and the isolated cloud forests of its slopes are a vista of romance, mysticism and beauty, unmatched anywhere in the world.

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