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28°C, Wind W


Kandy District


500 m

This city is the heart of the Buddhist culture and the last seat of the Sinhala royalty. A royalty that ended with the signing of the Kandyan convention and becoming a dominion of the British rulers. It has the greatest historical and religious significance to all Buddhists with the Temple of the Sacred tooth relic is most enduring .The relic is held with great reverence and its yearly exposition and the great procession as it is carried around the city on the back of a majestic tusker is a grand spectacle to behold, and attracts visitors from all over the world. It is in a high elevation of over 500 meters nestled among surrounding hills, and has a mild to cool climate which is refreshing to the visitor. The hills surrounding the city are carpeted in green tea estates, and the country is covered in  green foliage with several waterfalls cascading down the mountainous countryside. The city itself is steeped in old world colonial charm. There are several places  of interest in Kandy for the visitor. The Temple of the tooth with its reflection on the man made Kandy lake giving the impression of floating in clouds, and the Peradeniya Botanical gardens  are the most popular. The drive along the country roads along hills and valleys, and rivers and waterfalls, is a wonderful  experience for  the discerning traveller.

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