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Southern Province

Nearest town

Maduganga River

A beautiful  fishing village and tourist resort on the south western coast of Sri Lanka and a two hours drive from Colombo.It has some different and exotic eco-systems .There are several hotels and restaurants to cater to the tourists needs, with beautiful long beaches. Situated at the mouth of the Madu river ,the Tourist  can take an unforgettable  boat ride  to the great inland lake with hundreds of Islets .Some Islands are habited with villages and  with ancient shrines and temples. Mangroves and  swamp, border the rivulets and streams, and the shores of the lake are teeming  with birds and wild life .The lagoon provides  with shrimps and crabs and the seas bring fresh fish where the tourists can enjoy the fresh sea food and local cuisine  that Balapitiya is famous for.

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