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2,243 m



Mountain range


This majestic peak of 2,243 meters has  great religious and cultural significance .The naturally formed foot print at the summit is revered by all Faiths.To the Buddhist it is known as Sri Pada, the sacred footprint of the Lord Buddha, and to the Christians and Muslims the footprint of Adam when he descended to this ancient Island Paradise.  Millions of people harmoniously make the pilgrimage every year to worship the divine footprint at the summit. The surrounding areas are peak forest reserves with amazing fauna and flora , with  glorious view  of the sunset and the sunrise from the peak, and  the shadow of the mountain on  the valleys below. The drive from Colombo is picturesque and breathtaking and  takes a mere two hours through the beautiful rolling hills of the lowlands .The perfect trip for the adventurous, with great value for those who love nature and discovering the ancient culture  and history of Sri Lanka

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