Sri Lanka is replete with places for water sports. The most popular location is the Bentota lagoon, which is catered to by the country’s premier water sport centers. Negombo, Trincomalee ,Pass ikudah also have facilities for the enthusiast. An activity for the young and the energetic there are several different activities to choose from. Jet skiing at a tremendous speed across the calm waters brings on the adrenaline, and the spills and thrills of a banana boat ride while being towed behind a speed boat is exhilarating fun for the young at heart. Cruising in speed boats are a fun and quick way to do a river tour, and fly boarding which is an experienced art of being towed by a speed boat is another thrilling activity. Several of the centers offer instructions and professional guides. Mihin Leisure has several packages to cater for the thrill seeker and the water sports enthusiast.

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