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Central Province



The Golden Temple! This world heritage  site is  in the central plains of Sri Lanka and within the cultural triangle. It is located within the world’s largest red quartz deposit. As well as the world’s largest area of Ironwood(Na) forest. It has a great historical, cultural , religious and economic significance .It is still a center for present day agricultural commerce .Its History dates back to the 3rd to 7th centuries BC with new evidence showing even older occupation .Its magnificent rock cave temple complexes are well preserved and leave the visitor with a sense of awe. Hundreds of Buddha statues, thousands of square meters  of Murals and paintings depicting the life of The Buddha fill the main five temples of over 150 cave temples. The area is also surrounded by pristine natural parks Minneriya,and Kadulla,and the visitors can view wild life and elephants on safari. They also can take a canoe ride on the great tanks built by The great Kings, and  marvel at our ancient engineering which is  un- matched even with today’s technology. The ancient culture of The Temple, the paddy fields, and the tanks that irrigated them is still visible and in use till today!

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